History: The company Ernst Faber GmbH was founded in 1947 by Ernst Faber in Isaar near Toepen (Germany). In the early 50s, his sons Herbert and Günter Faber joined the company. Toghether, they laid the foundation for today's Ernst Faber GmbH.

In the 70s and 80s, the 3rd generation, Walter and Markus Faber, joined. Since 2000, they manage the company with their wives Martina and Benita Faber.

Since its foundation in 1947, the family-owned company Faber produces ladies’ knitwear within its premises in North of Bavaria.


Collection: Faber’s knitwear-coordinate collections are created for the sporty-chic woman with an active and emotional lifestyle, seeking new, special and multifarious fashion combined with very good quality, best wearing comfort and perfect fitting.

Faber is putting an accent on its yarn quality while working with cotton and wool mixes equipped with “Best Comfort” effect that guarantees a silk-alike and soft touch, enhancing the wearing feeling. New kinds of effect yarns are developed in cooperation between design and engineering team. These exclusive effect yarns have a very fancy look and at the same time very good wearing and maintaining qualities.

Uncompromising quality standards in all areas is not just Faber’s vision, but everyday’s practice amongst all employees.

As most of the knitwear production is made within Faber’s premises, all production steps are constantly controlled, changed and adapted in order to guarantee Faber’s high quality standards. Besides knitted styles, a main collection also contains shirts as well as woven pieces offered in suitable coordinate themes.


Distribution: To implement the individual distribution policy of a family-owned company at the point of sale, Faber engages a flexible team of 6 efficient and competent fashion agencies throughout Germany as well as in 9 exportation countries, such as:

Australia, Belgium/Luxembourg, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Austria, Switzerland

This policy helps to strengthen trusting long-term client partnerships and build new customer’s loyalty—an important aspect, mainly in turbulent times.


70 Years of Faber: For its anniversary year 2017, Faber will push the individuality and strengths of its future collections. The personnel of the engineering and design team has been increased in order to employ the great knitwear knowhow "Made in Germany“ even  more intensely.

Faber will show that 70 years of tradition and modern spirit are a perfect match for a successful future of a family-owned company.